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We recently dropped a limited-edition collection with one of our favorite local artists, Writings From Michael. The collection featured our brand's mantras (below) mixed with Michael's expressive writing style. We also launched 50 hand-painted one of a kind denim jackets. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Our Mantras

Love Over Fear

Do it Scared

Be the Spark

Live the Dash

Mood Follows Action

Walk Freely

You're One Positive Thought Away from a Miracle

The Best Things in Life Are Outside Your Comfort Zone

Seek Discomfort X Writing From Michael
Seek Discomfort X Writing From michael
seek discomfort writing from Michael
Seek Discomfort Writing From Michael
Seek Discomfort // Writings from michael
Seek Discomfort X Writing from Michael
Seek Discomfort Collaboration
Seek Discomfort X Writings From Michael